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Brosnan officially says ‘No more Bond’

Pierce Brosnan has finally said “No More Bond” and has revoked his licence to kill according to this article.

Having decided to walk away from the Bond Franchise, a number of possible actors are being lined up to replace the 47 year old actor, including Clive Owen amongst others.

Also on the Rumor Mill is that Orlando Bloom will star as Young James Bond. I spit out my coffee when I heard this news.

“Orlando Bloom….as James Bond?” “Orlando *f-ing* Bloom?” “Young James Bond?” Those were some of the expletives that were heard to come from my general direction.

Well, as far as I can tell, it looks like the whole Bond franchise is dead. Some cynics may argue that the whole Bond franchise died years ago, and perhaps I can agree to that. But Brosnan was a good Bond, albeit one who didn’t seem happy with either the scripts he was given or the plot-lines.

Anyhow, as Donald Pleasnace might have said…

“Rest in peace meeeester Bond”.