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Solving the dilemma for Video refereeing

The match between Manchester Utd and Tottenham Hotspur will be remembered, not for the dismal 0-0 score-line, but because of a goalkeeping error, which lead to an unawarded goal scored by Pedro Mendes whose goal clearly crossed the line.

This incident has re-ignited the desire to install video technology for referees. Whilst it probably wouldnt be sanctioned by FIFA, and perhaps some of the premier league clubs would argue for its use, but I for one would support their introduction and use. Although Im neither a Man Utd or Spurs fan I think it would stop the endless arguments, unless of course one of the clubs starts suing the Video Panel for the loss of a game.

But how should video refereeing be used, benchmarked and improved? I propose a trial period of one season and the combined use of Video, Radio and Bluetooth technology. I also propose a panel of independent referees that are not in earshot of the TV and Radio Pundits to oversee the video footage, which must be 360°, finally all the Premier League bosses agree to its use.

Then, at the end of the season simply call a meeting between the Premier League club bosses and some FA, and FIFA officials and simply review the overall results of video refereeing. Was it a success? Or was it a failure? I think by letting the club bosses benchmark it, it would resolve any controversy or issues.

This needed be a job for a UN diplomat or ambassadors, but a simple solution could be within touching distance.

All there needs to be is open discussion, listening and practical application and benchmarking. This is all that is needed for the success/failure of video referring.