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Was Paris Hilton’s phone hacked?

A number of sites have reported that Paris Hiltons mobile phone was hacked and private information, including photos and a database of celebrity phone numbers have been posted on the Internet.

The incident has called into question whether the hacking of Paris phone was faked/hoaxed or real. Posters on Engadget have sighted the fact that Hiltons record of using PR as a way of getting herself onto the worlds media. Let alone the fact that its quite easy for somebody to “knock up” phone numbers and a website and make people believe it is real.

However, I think it was real, because;

  1. The mobile phone was provided by T-mobile, it makes it bad PR for them
  2. Why would Paris be that calculating to post numbers of celebrity friends on the Internet, or indeed allow herself to be involved with such a scheme?
  3. Could a hoaxer really get all the phone numbers of top-line celebrities? If so, why go all to the trouble of putting Hilton in the frame?
  4. There is a record of people actually calling up the celebrities, although its possible if you do it now youll get traced by the FBI or law enforcement.

I think this story highlights a lot of pressing issues for us all. It rises questions about how much privacy, security and peace of mind we are entitled to. Are celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, allowed privacy? If not, who decides who does?

This story also highlights the notoriety of Paris Hilton on the Internet, and how she has achieved celebrity status without actually doing at all much – except, perhaps not putting that extra layer of security on her mobile phone.

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