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UK election – do we care?

So, who’s going to win the UK election, and do we really care? I think we do, we care about issues – not about politics, I think we care about how we’re going to pay the bills, save enough money for a pension, a holiday – I think we care, as a nation, how well our children eat and the sense of entrepreneurship.

Political blogging is big business in the US, in fact it took off during the last election – but the UK is catching up, there’s reports of parties buying up domain names left, right and center to be used for their own ends, and I’ve found the Guardian’s UK Election Blog really good reading – I don’t really watch TV reports on the news, because they are skewed or cut, or edited or done in a certain way to suggest one thing.

Another thing is, I keep hearing how its about “having a say”, I don’t want to have a say – I want to make a difference, and I want the person I elect to make a difference, to lead, to take charge and be fully accountable.

Who I’m I electing for? I dunno, it really depends on who stands in my local area, and what they stand for – I probably won’t vote, but I haven’t made my mind up yet.

Do we care? The issues matter. Politicians don’t. Its as simple as that.