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How to make big money in your small business: Review

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“Although not as good as Rainmaker, this is a easy to read book…”

Jeffrey J Fox is the bestselling author of “How to become a Rainmaker” and “How to become CEO”. Fox has won numerous awards from the business community and is highly rated as one the top 100 marketing gurus in the world today.

In his latest book, Fox writes a concise and practical guide to the elements for success for every small business owner.

The book, which is 150 pages long has a title that doesn’t really reflect what the book is about — in fact, it doesn’t actually give you any new ideas on how to actually go around to make big money from your small business.

Rather, this book is about the *responsibility* each business owner must fulfill – and describes what the rewards for sacrificing time, money, assets and resources will bring.

The concise nature of this book may upset many because it is little on detail and can be described as simplistic. If you’re starting a business you’ll find this book is more of a “pick-me-up” – it drills down business into two/three small pages.

Personally, I like this concept – and its almost unique to Fox’s books. Personally, for me – this book gets to the heart of the matter, quickly, effectively and promptly.

Fox does provides quirky insights and ideas on how to be successful, for example – he explains why you should “hire an ex-paperboy” instead of a University graduate – and how “picking up paperclips ” can save you money.

Unlike Rainmaker, I don’t believe this is ‘essential reading’, but it can help in defining what your responsibilities as a small business manager is – and how to bring new customers to your business.

Bottom line – The book is no “rainmaker”, but is an easy book to read that offers good insights and reminders about the responsibility that business people have – which is, to make money, bring in sales and delight customers.

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