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Star Wars Episode III review

This will be the last movie I see in a cinema I declared to somebody in a cue standing anxiously in line, impatiently waiting to watch the last in George Lucas Star Wars Pre-trilogy. It wasnt because I hated the film, but it was because over the past few years cinema tickets in my local area has increased something like 20-25% within 6 months and I was determined not to be suckered into another movie hype-fest like Charlies Angles *(shudders)*

Yeah, but this is the movie where we get to find out why Vader said You should not have come back in A New Hope plus we get to see why Vader turned to the dark side! replied the colleague, who by now had drank all of his 2 litre Pepsi soda which he was saving for the movie.

Somehow I sighed I get the feeling this is going to be like Titanic, where you know whats going to happen in the end. I retorted, looking at my watch.

When we finally got in, I sat near the front which was really my mistake because it took forever for my eyes to focus on the big screen but that didnt matter.

By the end of the movie I felt it was neither bad, nor good it was sort of in-between. I liked it, it wasnt too bad it sure made up for the previous two Star Wars films where nothing really happened.

The things that really brought it down were the sub-par story-telling and poor lines delivered with wooden performances, especially by Hayden Christensen who for some reason looked like he was on drugs.

Ian McDiarmid plays the insidious Supreme Chancellor Palpatine with a hefty dump of cheese and relish not seen since Return of the Jedi, and I think this is really a movie about Palpatine, not Vader.

I was also disappointed how we didnt see or hear much from Vader. His reasons for turning to the dark side are okay, but I dont think it was really enough to value his fall from good to evil. Although having said that Vaders sub-par delivery of comedy value of Vaders cry of NOOOOO! will probably go down in history alongside Kirks KAHHHHHNNN! and Brandos delivery of STELLLLAA!

Overall Star Wars III, in my opinion, wasnt a bad movie it wasnt a good movie it was fun, it was interesting and it was the best of Lucas pre-trilogy.

Overall, I’d give this movie: 6/10.