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It came from the 80’s!

Do you remember those teenage movies from the 1980s? Remember how no film seems to recapture that time as well? Remember how the movies seem to capture moments in montage moments that stirred the soul?

Movies such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Back to the Future and so forth were the embodiment of my childhood and early teens. The movies that had montage moments were also cool.

So lets look back at some of the movies that had stirring montage moments that were decidedly hammy:

  • Teen Wolf
    We all remember that famous Basketball montage scene with the music Win in the End by Mark Safin blaring in the background. I wonder how many people tried to re-create the end basketball scenes during their own basketball matches? I wonder how many people, like me, tried and failed to recreate the passes and dribbles?
  • Karate Kid
    I dont know anybody, as a kid, who was moved by the whole Youre the bestaround sound-track Isnt it amazing how we all grew up thinking that the Crane Kick was some really cool kick but wasnt?
  • Rocky IV
    Yes, its the one where Rocky takes on Ivan Drago! Cue musical training montages by the bucket-load with Hearts on Fire as the sound-track. This training montage is still the best of all the 5 movies, but the film itself has to be taken with a pinch of salt

Are there any other movies with stirring montages such as these?