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Can 8 men in a room really make poverty history?

The Live 8 event was, in my opinion, a fantastic world-encompassing I watched it on the BBC digital service, allowing me to track back and forth from the events in London, Philadelphia and other events at a press of a button.

I really liked the Philadelphia event, I was very surprised to find out that Def Leppard was still around and I found the Linkin Park bit superb! I also enjoyed flicking over to the African event at the Eden Project it was very lively and exciting.

The London event was certainly the place to be for the many revellers, although I do have reservations about certain performers.

For example, Jimmy Carr why the hell was he there? His cynical, Its all about me deadpan face was not necessary at this event.

I ended up yelling at the TV this is a serious event and your trying to make light of it, what the hell is wrong with you?! Which was strange, because I wasnt even drunk. Come to think of it, I dont even drink.

Why was Jimmy Carr and Peter Kay there? This was meant to be a serious event and they’re making light of it and trying to milk it for their own comedy routine!

Another performer I didnt like was Peter Kay sure hes funny but whats he doing there? His introduction of The Who as The Spice Girls was unfunny, patronising and down right rude

I really enjoyed the event despite these distractions.

And yet, the critics, the naysayers still want their cake and eat it. They still say it wasnt worth it, it wasnt worth the risk, effort, price or time.

Sure, it was a great music event, but it wont change anything the real problem is the dirty corruption in African politics this is a subject that [Bob] Geldof doesnt or wont talk about said a colleague of mine, dismissive of the efforts made by the musical performers around the world.

I dont agree music can change peoples minds, reaffirm their beliefs and make them unite under one voice that is something no political power will ever achieve, unless youre advocating installing some kind of dictator I replied.

It wont change anything, and it certainly wont make poverty history you have to change the whole system of capitalism into something else.

Just as these arguments were uttered by this rather inauspicious guy, Geldof appeared on stage and introduced the female Ethiopian (whose image was poignantly captured on the big screen) whilst Geldof spoke Dont let them tell us/you that this doesnt work

From that moment on the guy just shut up the digital service brought home to him and many doubters that this was, is and continues to be serious.

In fact the TV news stories leading up to the event couldnt make up their minds whether they were for it or against it and then right after the event they lauded as some major victory.

Indeed, some TV reporters seemed to have an argument that seemed to say Well there are so many issues revolving around Live 8 like the environment, poverty, AIDS, etc that we dont know what Geldof is trying to achieve err, hes trying to make poverty history its THAT simple! Get with the picture.

Yes, its true corruption is a problem in Africa but its a problem in America, the UK, everywhere people were saying We should be dealing with corruption instead does that mean getting rid of money, assets, property, resources?

The fight against corruption is as old as time and may never be won, but the fight poverty can be won. Not by music, not by words, but by deeds action speaks volumes!

Sure, the music may not change anything but it wasnt meant to it was meant to send a message to the TV reporters, cynical news editors, and most importantly the 8 men who will sit at Glenn Eagles to decide the fate of the worlds hungry, poor and needy.

If no deal is made, or it is considered a failure I wonder, will the leaders of the G8 be thrown out of office by their collective voters? Will people ever be able to trust a politician again? The choice by these 8 men couldnt be simpler, and yet each man seems to be stepping away from making a decision that would help.

Already reports are coming out that the leaders of the G8 will agree on the cancelling of debt but what about the repayments of interest? Will the interest be cancelled too?

What about AIDS, overstocking of food, and farmer subsidies? Will the US, France agree on these important areas?

If the leaders of the G8 come up with a crowd-pleasing solution and we all go home happy, and in 1-2 years nothing happens what will we do? Will we smile, nod and carry on with our lives or will the world wake up, and start sacking the very leaders who promise us everything and deliver nothing but words?

Only time will tell.