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Donald Trump University?

When I first heard of the Donald Trump “University” I thought it was a really cool way of giving back to the community – a social enterprise to help teach success, and what it means to be entrepreneurial in life, at work, at home and in business.

However the site isn’t really a University – rather its a collection of audio, video, multimedia and e-books that you’ve probably seen a lot of on the Internet from various factions.

I don’t live in the States so I’m not actually sure if the Trump University actually exists or not and I’m surprised to hear that Trump didn’t want to get involved in education.

Perhaps, like the old Chinese kung-fu masters, he’s doesn’t want to revealing everything in fear that a better student may overthrow him – which I can understand and totally respect.

There’s a lot of funny copy on the page, including “I invite you to do business with me.” — hmm, I wonder how open that statement is…

Anyway – check out the Trump e-University, maybe you’ll pay the $39.95 for the entire collection – if you’ve already bought the set and want to write a review, please contact me I’ll be delighted to post a link to it.