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What self-made millionaires really know, think and do review

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“I really loved this book, its the perfect compliment to Think and Grow Rich…”

With a title such as What self-made millionaires really think, know and do you might be thinking that this is a book about how to become a millionaire and whilst the book does cover some excellent practical hints and tips on how to actually do it that isnt the real theme of this book.

Unlike other NLP/self-help books it leans towards the business side. Of all the practical business books Ive ever read I believe this book offers the best value in terms of business because it covers the widest range of ideas, concepts and values.

Much like Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich, this book covers a lot of subjects from How to think creativity, the definition of success, what strategy is and how to use strategy to get where you want to be, how to use marketing, how to improve your sales skills, how to negotiate better, how to become a great leader, how to understand the bottom line and how to use your time effectively and thats just a brief overview of the contents of this book.

At 308 pages long the book is surprisingly easy to read with a good choice of typography and well spaced lines theres nothing I hate more paragraphs too close together and making it harder to read, understand and digest. This book offers excellent ideas and expands on them easily, without hyperbole.

The only issue for readers might be the strategy side because the book covers the Boston Matrix and some people argue that the Boston Matrix strategy is out of date and we should be using the Ansoff strategy and the book doesnt say why it uses one strategy concept above another.

This book offers an overall depth of expertise from its co-authors in a concise and direct manner. Clear language and structure convey powerful messages with practical strategic tools that will leave you empowered, and well-informed.

Why is this book so good? I think its because it really offers practical advice it is clearly written, concise and a joy to read on a Sunday. The quality of the content is a great compliment to Think and Grow Rich and offers the reader a chance to focus on key business ideas, goals, objectives and values to take forward to tomorrow.

Overall Id give this book 9/10.

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