How to become a rainmaker – review

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“An excellent book on how to dollarize, and how to quantify business benefits…”

I’ve waited quite a while to file a review on “How to become a Rainmaker” because I’ve often read books once, but this is perhaps the only book I can remember that I have read more than 5 times.

Written by Jeffrey J Fox, the best selling author of “How to become a CEO”, this book is an insightful look at how to dollarize, how to quantify business benefits and how to get and keep customers.

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Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt Energy Drink

Steven Seagal's Energy Drink

Are you stuck drifting through life in a state of existential confusion wandering aimlessly through the multitudes of energy products not knowing which one is the right one for you? Then look no further for the true meaning of life then Master Sensei Seagals Lightning Bolt Energy Drink!

Lightning Bolt, the one and only energy drink crafted by martial arts expert and herbal specialist Steven Seagal, is the only all natural 100% juice energy drink on the market. This long lasting energy elixir is made with key ingredients from all over the globe. With a healthy dosing of Tibetan Goji Berry, Asian Cordyceps, B-Vitamins, Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Guarana, and Policosanols, Lightning Bolt will give you the strength you need to punch your adversarys faces through plate glass windows day in and day out!

Oh and it gets better, Steven Seagals Lightning Bolt is available in 2 great juicy flavors! Cherry Charge brings you the great taste of freshly squeezed cherry juice, while for those of you that desire a slightly less sweet drink can partake of the true Asian Experience. Either way, you still get a powerful bolt of energy delivered into your body that Steven Seagal precisely blended for lasting maximum performance. So get ready to take on the world with new meaning with Steven Segals own Lightning Bolt Energy Drink!


  • 100% Pure Steven Seagal Juice
  • Designed for intense mortal combat or any extreme situation requiring ultimate energy
  • Can has Steven Seagals face on it (who could ask for more!?!)


  • Size: 16oz Can
  • Servings: 1.9 Per Can