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Why I believe entrepreneurs are made, not born

Entrepreneurship has many meanings some people believe entrepreneurship to be a way of thinking, rather than a way of doing. Some believe entrepreneurship can be taught, others feel that you have to be born with it.

Argument #1 — Entrepreneurs are born

Advocates of entrepreneurship say that you have to be born with entrepreneurship, a hunger, a belief, a passion something that drives you, motivates you, encourages you and that you have to be born with it!

Well in that case, you (and anyone else who wants to start a business) might as well give up now! You dont have the skill-set, ideas, belief, contacts, passion or hunger that people who are born with it have.

Synopsis: Entrepreneurs are born and not made; so give up now!

Argument #2 Entrepreneurs are made

I fundamentally believe that you *can* learn entrepreneurship great leaders, kings, warriors and generals learn from mistakes, they learn from their mentors, so why would it suddenly be different because you are running a company?

Entrepreneurship is starting to take root and blossom in this country; but I think the people who believe that entrepreneurs are born and not made are actually causing more harm then good because what they are really advocating is that unless you have it, you should never, ever try

I believe that anyone who has that hunger, passion and desire to launch a business (or anything else for that matter) will make it.

For me, entrepreneurship isn’t about thinking about it, it isn’t even about doing it its about *being about it*.

Synopsis: Entrepreneurs made, not born; you can make your own success, you can define your own glory it just takes effort, time, hunger, passion, desire, money, patience and a lot of hard work


Destiny isnt written in the stars; nor is success; nor is glory the only thing that defines who you are and where you are going is you no-one else.

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