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No Easy Way Out – Recreation Scene


In this little vblog, a guy recreates the famous scene in Rocky IV where the soundtrack of No Easy Way Out is recreated almost shot-for-shot, except it has a Corvette, not a Lamborghini – and it is not littered with flashbacks of all the other Rocky films.

From site:
“This is a clip i filmed, acted, & directed. i used my old 3.2 Mega Pixel SONY digital camera that also records video. I edited the video using iMovie & then Final cut on my Powermac G5. This clip was originally only 52 sec long. But almost a year later when i did a post for it on &, i got so many great reviews that i decided to finish it. Enjoy…”

I thought it was great!

You will need the latest Apple Quicktime plug-in in order to play the vlog.

View the vlog at: