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What the hell is web 2.0?

Does web 2.0 actually exist, or is it just all super marketing hype?

Depends on who you listen to really. Web2.0 isn’t related to the amount of time it takes to download movies, files, etc (that’s Internet2, another of those buzzwords banded around since 1997), but rather it’s to do with User experience (at least I think it does).

The technology that springs to mind about web2.0 is, of course, Ajax… but apart from Ajax, is there really anything behind Web2.0 other than a bit of flashy Microsoft web technology?

I really don’t know to be honest. Web2.0 is either like your bread on LSD, made out of people or is an unknown paradigm. Even wikipedia isn’t really sure if web2.0 is more than a collection of technologies that have been in place for ages…

According to wikipedia, web2.0 is a website that uses one or more of the following techniques:

  • Unobtrusive Rich Internet Application techniques (such as Ajax)
  • CSS
  • Semantically valid XHTML markup and/or the use of Microformats
  • Advanced User Interface languages such as XUL and SVG
  • Flash Remoting
  • Syndication of data in RSS/Atom
  • Aggregation of RSS/Atom data
  • Clean and meaningful URLs
  • Weblog publishing
  • REST or XML Webservice APIs
  • Some social networking aspects

Feels like the hype over XML all over again…