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Teen Wolf — Review

Just how old was Mick anyway?

Before the Back to the Future series, Micheal J Fox starred in this cult classic underground movie. In the huge list of teenager films that make up the 80s, including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – I’d argue that Teen Wolf should be up there – just because it was pure 80s cheese and it is nostaglic fun.

The movie has Fox as the nerdy kid who wants to be popular, date the prettiest girl at his school and be the coolest kid – but is often knocked back by bullies, including Mick – who I assume must be the only 30-something still at school.

Although the “werewolf” is an allegories of puberty has been done to death in movies, I did find it kinda strange that no-one seemed to mind that he was a werewolf and suddenly put the kid on a pedastool? Maybe they were all distracted by Stiles’ cashing in on the werewolf craze and mixing his own unique T-shirt company too.

Perhaps the most memorable sequence in the movie (other than “Pamela Wells” disrobing in front of Fox and the Van-surfin’) would be the classic montage using the song “Win in the End” by Mark Safan which is played in full during the final basketball sequence… it’s a very powerful song, even though it’s incredibly cheesy and 80s-esque.

Overall, a fun enjoyable trip down nostalgia lane.