28 day Slater

28 Day Slater

So, your a child of the early 90s, and most probably; you were most probably a fan of Saved by the Bell. Yes, the one with the kid who kept saying “Zoinks” all the time for no real reason that I can think of.

I found this video, just by accident, called 28 day Slater, a parody of the AC Slater character. Be sure to check out the sequel to!

Just another reason why virals work!

Check it out:
Youtube: 28 Day Slater Video

Drive-by yelling doesn’t make you cool

Why is it that idiots think they are big, cool, hip when they do a drive-by yelling ego trip at me? Listen up jackass… you’re a jerk!

I don’t care if you *think* you know me, or that it’s somehow cool or okay to yell, spit or try to shoot ballbearings at me (that did happen once, fortuently the guy was a really bad shot and got pulled over by the cops!)… or try to dump lucozade over me…

Enough ranting…

How to find statistics on popular websites?

How do you find out just how popular a website is? If you’re investing money in banner advertising or other forms of e-marketing on a forum or on a “popular” website, you’re gonna need numbers to prove that the site is indeed successful.

Here are some links that will help you find out the popularity of websites. Please note that the numbers may/may not be accurate and you should use several report generation systems to find out just how trend-setting that website really is.

  • Hitwise is a market research firm specialising in Internet usage, and offers stories about popular and trendy search terms.
  • Alexa regularly posts snippets of information on its front page, and is useful for comparing the popularity of websites (such as those of your competitors). See, for example, myspace.com ranks incredibily high on Alexa.
  • Nielsen NetRatings is another useful source of information about surfing behaviour and Internet usage.

This should give you some ideas about how your website marketing can be improved.