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Is Chris Tucker really worth $20m?

According to, Chris Tucker is getting “$20 million for the movie PLUS 20% of the box office gross”.

The thing is, I don’t think he’s worth it. He’ll be paid more than Chan and will probably have his name above Chan’s on all the posters. Is Tucker’s ego really THAT big, or is it just him?

As one poster correctly points out “$20 million for this ‘name’ who has NEVER opened a movie on his own as *the main draw*. He is either a supporting player (Fifth Element, Friday) or he is in a buddy film (Rush Hour films). What other gilm, **besides the Rush Hour films**, has this guy been in within the last SEVEN years? Name one. Just one. I don’t care what it is just spit it out. You can’t do it; no one can!”

Tucker isn’t worth $20 million, but seeing as they’ve already splashed the money out on this ego-trip clown, we might as sit back and await the overhyped trailer showing every stunt in the movie so that we don’t have to go watch it!