History according to Hollywood.

According to Hollywood, the Americans practically won World War II on their own (which is probably true), they retrieved and decoded the German Engima encryption machine before the British, and now it seems that Tom Cruise will be making “The Few”, a film which will, according to the IMDB, be about “…the true-life story of American pilot Billy Fiske, who ignored his country’s neutrality rules in the early days of WWII and flew Hurricanes against the Germans. ”

I still remember that old “Richard, Not Judy” sketch from the BBC a few years back where Stewart Lee was ripping into Braveheart because it was so historically incorrect.

I wonder if this film will be about how one sole American turned the tide and won the Battle of Britain himself, rescued Prime Minster Winston Churchill from Hitler’s personal unpenetrable fortress whilst developing the world’s first nuclear bomb and dropping it (and riding it) on the way down towards Berlin singing the Star-Spangled banner?

Sorry, I really couldn’t come with anything more original, which is kinda ironic considering we are talking about Hollywood here.

At least it won’t be as bad as Star Trek V: The Final Frontier where it was basically “Kirk vs God – Kirk wins!”

Ah well.

IMDB site on “The Few”