Playstation 3 retails over 300?

Sony’s upcoming Playstation 3, the replacement for it’s aging Playstation 2 is touted as being well over 300 and has different versions.

According to some sources, the lower end model of the PS3 is not being released in the UK, only the higher one at around 400.

We’re already seeing the 50-70 game for the X-Box 360, and I’m wondering how long it will take before we see the first ever 100 game.

Is the PS3 really worth 300+? Is the PS3 backwards compatibile? Is it really worth buying?

Until the PS3 hits the shops and we get a clearer idea of what games are available (if any) and see the machine in the shops so we can see the graphics at first-hand, all we have are specifications, ideas and concepts.

Sony is either pitching a battle against Microsoft but they are also trying to captalise on features included on the Nintendo WII (or revolution as I’d like to call it).

The thing that all these games consoles have to get over is the X-factor, the thing that makes it uniquely different. The games consoles seem to have 1 main feature; to play games – and that’s why I still like playing games on the PC, even if they aren’t as action-packed or multi-playable as the PS-2’s of this world.

Will I buy the PS3 when it comes out? Hell no.

It’s just too expensive and I’m highly dubious of the hardware (some of which was blantly nicked from Nintendo’s machine, whilst they are pushing their own HD-DVD technology, the Blu-Ray DVD). Sony needs to convince us that the price tag is worthy of the machine, I mean for the same price you could go out and buy a Versace suit, and in the end I know what I’d buy with my money if I had the choice.