Is web 2.0 a registered trademark?

In my previous bloggings (if that’s a word) I’ve been a bit sceptical about web2.0, and especally the AJAX technologies. Having done some basic examples and seen it first hand I think AJAX does have a place in web development, but I think it must be measured. In other words, using AJAX if it solves a problem, not to be cool.

But it appears that web2.0 may itself be a registered trademark or copyrighted. As recently highlighted on a thread on sitepoint, a poster summarizes an article that proposes that the web2.0 concept has been trademarked by a company.

But I wouldn’t get too worried. The web2.0 has only been registered for a particular event, and in any case I believe chasing after everybody who talks, writes or contests the ligitimacy of web2.0 for web technologies won’t get sued — I mean, there’s already tons of books out there on the subject, and indeed other web technology subjects why suddenly cash in on this one?

Maybe, as the original article suggests, web2.0 was a term dreamt up by marketing professionals to sell more websites?