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Worst Adverts on TV

What is the worst advert on TV at the moment? Many will remember that irrating Crazy Frog advert, but the thread on digitalspy has a lot of really crappy adverts….

BOGOF, Ocean Finance and the rage against Carol Vorderman’s “first loan” advert are just some of the adverts causing people to pull out hair. Some think that advertiser’s purposely create “awful” adverts so that they will be remembered… one only has to look at the current Frostie’s advert to know what I mean.

I’m currently reading some of the more crappy adverts on; although the reviews seem to be highly cynical; I can’t help but laugh at some of the reviews. My favorite has to be the editor’s review of the Hugo Boss advert where he writes;

“[he] seems to think that the whole … world revolves around him and he can do whatever the hell he wants. “I’m not going to wear a suit!”, he inwardly screams in his faux non-conformist demeanour, “I’m far too up my own ass for that. Yup – I think I’ll go wearing whatever I damn well want – and stick two fingers up to authority and conformitism. I have utterly selfish ideals of a libertarian world where there are no rules and screw those who think otherwise ‘cos I’m wearing a specific brand of perfume, even though I’m too thick to see that by buying Huge Boss because others do I’m actually conforming to the very system I’m trying to rebel against”.