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David Hasselhoff, Super Spy?

Hoff as Bond?

The Hoff has released another pop video, this time spoofing (although I’m not sure if spoofing is actually the right word) the James Bond films, either that or he’s trying to throw his hat into the ring as the next Bond.

Having seen this, ahem, “pop video” all I can think about is “all you need now is William Shatner as the baddie and you’re done! — Instant Cheese Classic!”

Having said that, this video does seem to be heavily based upon the Weird Al Yakovic parody song “Spy Hard“, which curiously, was the title song for the film “Spy Hard”.

Anyway, enjoy the Hoff as he croons about losing a name to a number and what-not. Also, check out Hoff’s masterpiece — none other than Hooked on a Feeling!