in Virals

Are virals really all that important?

I think virals are important are because virals are integral to the way the Internet works, you find and share funny e-mail’s, or videos, but companies too can and are using them to their advantage. Virals can be used for small companies, but it requires a keen mind, and a great idea.

Virals and the internet are interlinked; first we had the Star Wars kid, then that Mortal Kombat kid… now we have that Frosties Kid (no, despite reports, rumors and innendo – he isn’t dead). I remember that fake Ford advert with the cat (or something), and the other campaigns that weren’t as successful.

Sure, virals may not lead to sales, nor has it been proven that virals increase brand power (whatever that means); but they do increase word of mouth, and make us laugh.

Virals are important for three main reasons;

1) Viral’s (if done right) are funny, intelligent and go around the world.
2) They involve, and are a great stepping stone for budding directors, producers and film-makers.
3) They can be cheaper to make then traditional advertising.

I hope to explore more about the subject in the future.