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Screech is no show for comedy club

Former TV child star Dustin Diamond (AKA: Screech) was widely reported to be in a financial issue; resorting to selling t-shirts on his website to raise up to $250,000.

Dustin Diamond recently appeared on the Howard Stern Show, with a direct plea to Stern’s audience to help him save his house. Diamond explained that during his 10-year run on “Saved by the Bell,” he made about $2 million. However, Diamond suggested that his parents took around 75% of his earnings, which he said ruined his credit and placed him in a position today, where he’s in danger of losing his home.

Artie Lange, feeling charitable, invited Diamond the chance to open two of Artie Lange’s stand up comedy gigs in Pittsburgh. Considering the fact that Lange doesn’t know Diamond it seemed like a generous offer, an offer that would pay Diamond $2,000 for just 10 minutes work…

But, Diamond never showed! Despite the fact he’s in financial ruin, forced to pimp T-shirts on radio shows he never showed up for the stand up comedy gig.

“When Artie gave him an opportunity, what does he do, he doesn’t show up? Artie really doesnt even know this guy, he was just doing something very, very kind, and in turn this douchebag doesnt even show up.” said a disgusted Sal the Stockbroker.

Worse still, questions have been raised about the whole campaign. Diamond mentions that he has 30 days to pay off his creditors, yet; his website has been running for over 30 days last Friday — did he pay off his debt? Is he now homeless? Or, is it – as many have argued, a desperate and cynical publicity stunt?

Additionally, many posters have argued that what Screech is basically asking for, is that his fans pay off his debts, and his mortgage… People have even pointed out, he’s been trying to escape the “Screech” character for well over 10 years through blue humor – but the second he needs money, he jumps on the “yes, I’m screech” bandwagon…

I mean, couldn’t he just declare himself bankrupt? Or get a better job? The least he could do is turn up for the stand up gigs…

We’ll probably never know the truth though.

Artie’s stand up stood up by ‘Screech’