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Snakes on a Plane (Review)

Snakes on a plane

Samuel L Jackson stars as FBI Agent Nelville Flynn who is transporting a witness for the prosecution, Sean Jones (played by Nathan Phillips), from Hawaii to Los Angeles after Jones witnesses the brutal murder of a special prosecutor by vicious crime kingpin Eddie Kim.

In short, Eddie Kim pays off an airport baggage handler to inform him of the plane used by the FBI to transport Sean Jones to smuggle on a plane load of snakes.

During the flight, the snakes escape their cargo hold and start invading the plane, killing people in gruesome, and sometimes hilarious manners. At some points in the film, it was getting very close to jumping straight into the whole Airplane! spoof territory. At times, I was the only one laughing at the subtle dark humor, as well as the quite obviousily Internet geek-written ideas that saw Snakes biting female and male genitlia in every which way possible.

In a film that has had this much Internet hype, one would be forgiven for thinking this film would be very disappointing. But I found it okay, an enjoyable film that isn’t too sick, but lacks that killer blow (if you pardon the pun) that I was expecting.

Even before this movie hit the screens, the Internet was buzzing, fan-posters, fan movies and much more were being made; all in a frenzy to jump on board the runaway freight train that was Snakes on a Plane.

Perhaps I was expecting more of an snake-ploitation of the movie with Samuel L Jackson saying “Muftha-fucker” every five seconds, I mean the whole blogosphere was going nuts of around the whole idea that Jackson saying “MF” this and “MF” that whilst adding the word “snakes” every five seconds… unfortunately there’s only 1 time when it does delve into this when Jackson yells “That’s it! I’ve had it with these mother fucking snakes on this mother fucking plane!”

There are problems in the film, plot wise it’s big enough for a plane filled with snakes to fly through; other times you’re thinking “That’s just stupid”, but that’s because its a classic B movie… yeah, sure the whole 20/20 green vision may remind you of that infamous Paris Hilton sex video, but I think most of it was done with good humour.

Apart from that, it’s very much like Lake Placid + Airport 197X + Dark humour = Classic B Movie fun in Snakes on a plane.

Overall rating: 6/10