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Google to buy Youtube?

According to the BBC, Google is set to buy Youtube for around $1.6bn. In my opinion, although it may represent great business to the owners/shareholders of Youtube, I believe it may harm the image of youtube.

Google has become a dominating force, along with Yahoo, and MSN. The fundamentals of Google’s “Do no evil” has been sold for top dollar, and now Google’s intrusion on systems like Youtube just plain stinks.

Yeah sure, I understand that companies are built to be sold, that’s how you make money; that’s how the creator of Hotmail made over $100m when he sold it to Microsoft, and that’s how the creators of Myspace made over $100m when they sold it to Rupert Murdoch, but the thing is to me, Google’s own video system ( clearly isn’t as good as youtube, and although regular viewers may just “accept” the transition as nothing to worry about, I do.


Google’s own creeping monopolisation of Internet services reduces competition, is bad for Internet users and Google’s own personal hunger for getting and storing personal data is starting to worry many people.

The change will probably be transparent, but I worry (perhaps wrongly) that Google’s influence will not be as bad I predict, but I worry that Youtube will just become another fan favorite bought by a corporate Goliath.

Google to buy youtube (BBC)