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Scarface the Game out next week

One of the more anticipated games of this month will be the Scarface game. Based upon the hit movie starring Al Pacino, this is a GTA-like action game where you will star as Tony Montana, trying to rebuild his drug empire and taking out other rival gangs as highlighted in the movie.

At last they will be able to explain how Tony Scarface Montana survived the point-blank-range shotgun blast to the back, the high fall to his swimming pool as well as the various gunshot wounds affilicated upon him by Sosa’s hired hitmen. I believe the story goes is that this game is more of a “what if?” IE: What if Scarface survived Sosa’s death squad? What if he never felled to his death, and what if he lost everything in the process and had to start again?

I have to admit, I am intreged by this game. Is it just another GTA rip-off, will it’s younger PSP brother, “Scarface: Money Power Respect”, be better than the crappy PSP game “Gangs of London”? Will they actually use Al Pacino’s voice, or have they hired a voice artist?

All these questions will hopefully be answered next week, when Scarface is finally launched in the UK for PC, XBOX, PS2 and other formats;

Scarface: the world is yours