Britney forgets about divorce, underwear.


Oops! Britney does it again!

It seems Britney Spears is out on the town yet again, trying to forget her divorce from Kevin Federline, or K-FED (I mean, seriously who makes up these nicknames).

Anyway, it seems in trying to forget about her divorce, she also forgot an item of clothing.

Her underwear.

Man, I feel like I’m gonna throw up.

Britney’s night on the town (from “She’s Bringin’ Slutty Back!”, courtesy of the “Oh no they didn’t!” website).

Will WII have a Star Wars lightsabre game?

red steel

The promos have been great, the graphic look sublime and it’s out this December. Nintendo’s WII may sound dirty, but the fact that Nintendo are trying to go against Sony’s much delayed PS3 and the XBox360 shows that the next generation wars (or NEXTGEN) is starting to heat up – even though we, here in the UK, are only just seeing the starting point.

In terms of games, WII is set to be launched with a bunch of games, including Red Steel, Rayman, Zelda, Wii play, Monkey ball, and much more besides.

Of all of these, the one that strikes me the most is, of course, Red Steel. Just the thought of wielding a sword with my controller reminds me a lot of the Star Wars arcade game. The promos for this game make me want to go out and buy it. The thing that bothers me is the repetitive strain injury that WII controllers will give its players.

You’re probably laughing right? RSI from WII controllers? No, I’m actually being quite serious. As a suffer or a rotator cuff muscle wastage injury – the angles that your arm is cause me a lot of concern for younger gamers, especially for holding a gun at a “gangster-like” angle in Red Steel — the more you hold it in a certain position the more your muscles get tired and ache and you want to get further into the game and risk severe rotator cuff injury or muscle wastage.

But, I’m probably overplaying this factor and I’m sure the WII will be great.

In terms of potential, I believe a “Star Wars light saber adventures” game will be the most mouth watering — can you imagine wielding your controller like a light saber/sword much like Red Steel, but in the world of Star Wars? Facing such villains as Darth Vader?

I bet someone’s already onto this. And I for one, can’t wait.

Red Steel Developers Blog

Debunking Screech


It seems Dustin Diamond (AKA: Screech from TV’s “Saved by the Bell”) was recently at two major Universities within the UK, including both the University of Glamorgan and the University of Hull, selling out the student union bars with his “unique” comedy styling.

Screech was, according to an IMDB source, “was the main attraction of last Saturday night at the Hull University Club, Asylum”. Apparently, he came on stage where people texted questions from their phones, and then he answered them.

“It was weird”. Said the source. “one of the questions was ‘What the hell are you doing in Hull?’ and he answered that he was looking for girls to ‘t-bag’. Seriously, he just ruined my childhood”

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Scenes from Shark Attack 3:Megaladon

shark attack 3

When “Torchwood” actor John Barrowman appeared on the BBC’s Jonathan Ross evening TV show a couple weeks back, Ross played a clip of a movie so achingly bad it has built its own cult around it.

The scene shown on Ross’ show had a giant shark eating a speedboat full of people in whole, with the most glaringly bad special effects since that scene from James Bond craptacular, “Die Another Day”.

Anyway, here is a collection of random clips from “Shark Attack 3: Megaladon”.


Warrior King: Review


To some Tony Jaa is the next big action star, to others just a glorified stuntman. To me, he represents the new face of action.

Already movies like Luc Besson’s “District 13”, and Donnie Yen’s “SPL” have shown that people are noticing Tony Jaa’s unique brand of brutal action sequences. Indeed, the new James Bond movie “Casino Royale” is set to have a touch of pakour or free-running in it, and it’s going back to basics in terms of its stunts.

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Web 2.0 Summit

Web 2.0 Summit

Although it may be over, the third annual Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco overed a wide selection of topics, too many to go through and analyze; but it did come up with some interesting topics.

The Web 2.0 Summit focused on business and technology developments that utilize the Web as a platform whilst defining how the Web would drive business in the future.

The Guardian is running a Weekend dedicated to a Web 2.0 special, and includes interviews asking the question “What exactly is web 2.0? Does it even exist?”, now finally the marketing blurb can be put to bed, and the snake oil can be drained away from the hype that surrounds this almost mythical realm of web development.


Did Jet Li really quit ‘Kung Fu’ movies?

Jet li

In the media there was a lot of speculation that Jet Li may have quit ‘kung fu’ action movies, indeed ‘Fearless’ was marketed as being Jet Li’s final Martial Art epic. But was that really the case?

On IMDB, Jet Li is set to star along side Transporter star Jason Statham in Phillip G. Atwell’s “Rogue”, the movie is to be an action-adventure film and will have some martial arts in it.

So did Jet Li lie, or did he just change his mind?

Jet Li did indeed say that he was quitting kung fu movies, but he specifically meant the “wuxia” genre. Li himself said that Fearless was to be his last “wuxia” movie, having felt that he had done everything in the genre and wanted to broaden his appeal internationally.

However the media misunderstood this to mean all martial art movies, and made fans worried that the so called Jet and Jackie project (J&J) would never happen. It’s still on the cards, and rumors are that it will be about a legend of the “monkey king” and his quest to achieve immortality. This obviously sounds crap, but I hope that isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Anyway, regardless of what happens. I look forward to seeing much more Jet Li on the screen, but what I really want is Jackie and Jet together, just once… Throw in Donnie Yen too for good measure, and it’ll be great!