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Did Jet Li really quit ‘Kung Fu’ movies?

Jet li

In the media there was a lot of speculation that Jet Li may have quit ‘kung fu’ action movies, indeed ‘Fearless’ was marketed as being Jet Li’s final Martial Art epic. But was that really the case?

On IMDB, Jet Li is set to star along side Transporter star Jason Statham in Phillip G. Atwell’s “Rogue”, the movie is to be an action-adventure film and will have some martial arts in it.

So did Jet Li lie, or did he just change his mind?

Jet Li did indeed say that he was quitting kung fu movies, but he specifically meant the “wuxia” genre. Li himself said that Fearless was to be his last “wuxia” movie, having felt that he had done everything in the genre and wanted to broaden his appeal internationally.

However the media misunderstood this to mean all martial art movies, and made fans worried that the so called Jet and Jackie project (J&J) would never happen. It’s still on the cards, and rumors are that it will be about a legend of the “monkey king” and his quest to achieve immortality. This obviously sounds crap, but I hope that isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Anyway, regardless of what happens. I look forward to seeing much more Jet Li on the screen, but what I really want is Jackie and Jet together, just once… Throw in Donnie Yen too for good measure, and it’ll be great!