Warrior King: Review


To some Tony Jaa is the next big action star, to others just a glorified stuntman. To me, he represents the new face of action.

Already movies like Luc Besson’s “District 13”, and Donnie Yen’s “SPL” have shown that people are noticing Tony Jaa’s unique brand of brutal action sequences. Indeed, the new James Bond movie “Casino Royale” is set to have a touch of pakour or free-running in it, and it’s going back to basics in terms of its stunts.

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Web 2.0 Summit

Web 2.0 Summit

Although it may be over, the third annual Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco overed a wide selection of topics, too many to go through and analyze; but it did come up with some interesting topics.

The Web 2.0 Summit focused on business and technology developments that utilize the Web as a platform whilst defining how the Web would drive business in the future.

The Guardian is running a Weekend dedicated to a Web 2.0 special, and includes interviews asking the question “What exactly is web 2.0? Does it even exist?”, now finally the marketing blurb can be put to bed, and the snake oil can be drained away from the hype that surrounds this almost mythical realm of web development.