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Will WII have a Star Wars lightsabre game?

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The promos have been great, the graphic look sublime and it’s out this December. Nintendo’s WII may sound dirty, but the fact that Nintendo are trying to go against Sony’s much delayed PS3 and the XBox360 shows that the next generation wars (or NEXTGEN) is starting to heat up – even though we, here in the UK, are only just seeing the starting point.

In terms of games, WII is set to be launched with a bunch of games, including Red Steel, Rayman, Zelda, Wii play, Monkey ball, and much more besides.

Of all of these, the one that strikes me the most is, of course, Red Steel. Just the thought of wielding a sword with my controller reminds me a lot of the Star Wars arcade game. The promos for this game make me want to go out and buy it. The thing that bothers me is the repetitive strain injury that WII controllers will give its players.

You’re probably laughing right? RSI from WII controllers? No, I’m actually being quite serious. As a suffer or a rotator cuff muscle wastage injury – the angles that your arm is cause me a lot of concern for younger gamers, especially for holding a gun at a “gangster-like” angle in Red Steel — the more you hold it in a certain position the more your muscles get tired and ache and you want to get further into the game and risk severe rotator cuff injury or muscle wastage.

But, I’m probably overplaying this factor and I’m sure the WII will be great.

In terms of potential, I believe a “Star Wars light saber adventures” game will be the most mouth watering — can you imagine wielding your controller like a light saber/sword much like Red Steel, but in the world of Star Wars? Facing such villains as Darth Vader?

I bet someone’s already onto this. And I for one, can’t wait.

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