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Trump vs O’Donnell

Trump vs O Donnell

In December of last year, a war of words between Rosie O’Donnell and Billionaire Donald Trump erupted and was widely reported across the Internet. But what started the feud? And what’s happened since?

It all started when it was reported that Miss USA contestant, Tara Conner was apparently caught under-age drinking, doing drugs and conducting in sexual encounters with both men and women. She was even accused of “corrupting” her roommate, Miss Teen USA; some said the two had been seen locked in a lusty kiss at a bar.

But who had the moral authority to absolve Miss Conner of her “sins”? In steps Billionaire Donald Trump, who, I assume was hosting the Miss USA competitions or was involved in it in some way – played a compassionate card when he gave Tara Conner a second chance….a smart move that would reap dividends while creating some buzz for the Miss Universe Organization.

In a master-stroke, he upped the ante, forgiving Tara and depicting her as the poor country girl who got swept away by the bright lights and big city. In return, Tara agreed to enter rehab – even though she immediately back-pedalled, saying that to call her an alcoholic was “pushing the envelope” – and to sin no more. She cried, he beamed and everyone could see the ratings for Miss Universe going through the roof next time.

Daily Show parodied the whole situation, but worse was to come in the shape (no pun intended) of Daytime TV host Rosie O’ Donnell.

O’Donnell was incredibly cynical over the whole affair and questioned Trump’s role as a “moral compass for 20 year olds” citing his “numerous affairs”, ending with a trite “sit and spin”, whatever that means.

Anyway, Trump infuriated – fired back, telling “Entertainment Tonight,” “I’ll probably sue Rosie because she doesn’t tell the facts.”

The feud then got nasty. Very nasty. Playing out across America and the Internet – in the age of Celebrity Blogging, it seemed each wanted to have the last word with Trump calling O’Donnell a “big, fat pig” and “bully” who was “cracking up” after O’Donnell posted writings on her blog implying Trump was a “pimp”.

A day after Rosie accused Donald on “The View” as a morally and financially corrupt hypocrite – Trump followed in a similar interview with “Access Hollywood” calling Rosie “fat,” “ugly” and “a slob,” and suggested he would send around one of his “men to seduce her girlfriend”, adding …
“(Rosie’s) been a loser for a long time, and extremely unattractive woman both inside and out and, you know, you have to attack people when they attack you, especially when they attack you with lies … I never went bankrupt,” he said. “I never went bankrupt. She said that I went bankrupt and I had many friends that did in the early ’90s when the real estate market was collapsing. I never went bankrupt, she said I went bankrupt. She’s got huge legal liability and she knows it.”

By playing the “I’m worth billions, so don’t dare criticise me – otherwise I might make fun of the way you look – oh, and I’ll sue!” card, Trump instantly made the public side with O’Donnell and made Trump look like he couldn’t take a joke, and look like a bitter little lowlife who resorts to threats and insults when someone disagrees or goes against him.

There are load of blog entries, videos all across the Internet, all with different points of view about who is right, who is wrong and why everybody is like “WTF is up with these two?”

With no clear winner – it looks like the only way out is some kind of drawn out Court action, but we can skip all that — so, in the words of Harry Hill, “Rosie O’Donnell or Donald Trump – There’s only one way to find out …. FIIIIIIGHT!

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