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Is it Ghostbusters 2?

Quick Calls

Sick of those Quiz Call channels? You know the ones, simply ring in to a TV channel, guess an answer (an answer that will always be wrong) and possibly win a small amount of money. Ever wanted to get your own back? Well… the comedian Iain Lee has.

“I have taken it on myself to finance all of these call in quiz show type channels by spending a ridiculous amount of money on what is now an obsession. You know the kind of show, spend 75 pence to ring in and guess something that you stand no chance of guessing. To put the odds slightly in my favour, I always guess the same answer. That way, I’m bound to be right some time.”
– Says Iain Lee.

So welcome to the world of “Is it Ghostbusters 2?”

Note, Chris Moyles also did some similar pranks too. They can be found on his website.

Iain Lee presents…Is it Ghostbusters 2?