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Unemployed Skeletor’s Video Blog


It appears Skeletor has started a video blog – one that’s already captured the imagination of other viralists (yes, I did make up that word, maybe I should copyright it – ah well), a video blog that documents his life post-He man. And boy he sure let himself go. Complete with “man boobs” and a fat belly, watch as Skeletor tries to fill in the void left by being unemployed.

Quote from blog:
“Each week, expect to hear from your ol’ pal skelly.He will talk to you about all sorts of stuff,like giving you updates on his documentary ‘The Unexciting Adventures of Unemployed Skeletor'”.

There are well over 20 episodes of Unemployed Skeletor; with one episode where he’s at some function and sings “My Cherie” and dedicating it to Evil-Lynn.