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FOWA: Future of Web Apps Event


During Feb 20-Feb 22 in London an event called FOWA, or Future of Web Apps even is to be held. Unfortuently I’m a bit late in posting the event, in addition to the fact that the event is totally sold out — so much for being on the pulse and listening to the grapevine.

There is a list of great workshops, even covering PHP – which I found quite ironic because I thought the whole web 2.0 or now, web 3.0 (sighs) community poo-pooed PHP and was on the whole Ruby-on-Rails bandwagon.

I’m still trying to find out if its possible to download screencasts, or audio podcasts of the actual workshops, but it looks like that isn’t currently available yet.

Anyway, here’s the link;

FOWA: Future of Web Applications Event

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