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The Apple Poetry Guy

Apple Poetry

A poster on YouTube has published a piece of poetry he performed at an Apple Talent Show, and subsequently got fired for.

The poetry is about his telephone conversations with an unnamed “Canadian FedEx Lady”, and towards the end of the movie the movie explained he was fired.

However, a lot of posters have come up with some interesting questions:

  • Was he fired for the poetry, or because of something else?
  • When was the video shot? Was it this year?
  • Was he fired because of breach of some Apple customer service ettiqute?
  • Did he ever actually work for Apple and was he ever really fired from Apple? – all we have is his word from the video and subsequent comments on the video.
  • Is it a subtle marketing ploy by Apple?

Whilst these questions and others aren’t answered, the poetry isn’t too bad and showcases some of the qualms of working for a big corporation when you’re just a small cog of a very big machine.

Apple Poetry Guy gets ‘fired’ (Youtube)