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Websites, with purpose.

Many people ask me why they should “bother getting a website”. It seems to me there is a lot of confusion as to why a website is needed.

A website is a powerful marketing and business tool, one that should have a purpose, and that is to add value to your business.

Typically, your business should have a website because:

  1. You want to sell something.
  2. You want to promote something.
  3. You want to provide information, increase your credibility, trust or social worth through articles, debate, and commentary.
  4. You want to generate prospects, leads, or enquiries that will lead to sales, or referrals.
  5. You want to increase efficiency, productivity, or profitability.

I believe in ‘purposeful websites’. That is, your website should have a ‘purpose’, a meaning, a reason for being; whether it’s promoting your business, a product, a service, a person, or a book – the ideas are the same, you want to encourage customers to trust you, to contribute to your business/website, and ultimately; to buy from you.