What is wrong with this advert?

I recently saw an advert promoting Gateshead College, its in most of the Metros stations around Newcastle/Gateshead and you may have seen it.

The advert is of a guy dressed in football gear kicking what appears to be a car tyre, and the advert is promoting the new Academy for Sport at Gateshead International Stadium.

Except, nobody (it seems), apart from me has noticed the irony (or subtext) of the picture.

The picture is of a guy kicking a tyre; hence a “tyre kicker” (which in sales terms is a person wasting time)… I know Colleges are seen as a “waste of time”, but that advert really just takes the biscuit.

It seems the advertisers didn’t see the subtext/irony of the advert.

Oh well.

Whatever happened to the Goonies?

the goonies

Just over 20 years ago, The Goonies hit our cinemas and through the medium of VHS and TV went to become a number 1 choice film for teenagers, and those who grew up during the 80’s. But whatever happened to Chunk? What ever happened to that Sloth guy? Is there any truth to the rumours of Goonies 2, or not?

Kiddo78 has pulled together some information about the location of all the Goonies, and what they are up to, and the Goonies forum has lots of info on Goonies 2 — but I believe it will never happen because of some stars feel it would never live up to the original.

But either way, kiddo78’s blog on the whereabouts of the Goonies is a fascinating read.

Why bother to outsource?

Outsourcing. You either hate it, or love it. But what are the business cases for outsourcing?

  1. You don’t have the time to do it yourself.
    Maybe you have so much to do that you can’t concentrate on the project you want to do. Or maybe there’s a product you want to develop and you want to get it to market before your competition does.
  2. You want to concentrate on more important things.
    IE: Generating leads, getting customers, doing marketing, making sales, rather than building things that take time. Also, the savings in manpower can be utilised elsewhere.
  3. No internal skills/will to do the project.
    Many projects never ever get off the ground because either there isn’t the skill or will to do it. The skills are employable, but the will probably isn’t, outsourcing means that you can use your internal skills and still get the project done.
  4. Manageable projects
    You want to work in small chunks on manageable projects and not spend all your budget on one project.
  5. You want a relationship that matters
    You are looking for a face-to-face relationship, and not a faceless company.

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Drive traffic to your site with Squidoo.

If you’re a small business owner that uses “web marketing” to help increase credibility, visibility and trust – you’ll know that one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website is through making your website viral through using a variety of tactics, which include (but aren’t limited to) blogs, articles, whitepapers, RSS syndication, social networking sites, social bookmarking and of course online video/audio.

Usually, the above tactics are employed on your website. IE: The blog is on your website, the white papers are on your website, and the video is only available on your website, and you use SEO and social networking tactics to bring the traffic to you.

But you may find that your site just isn’t bringing in the traffic that you thought you would be getting

This is where Squidoo comes in.

Squidoo, created by Seth Godin, is a very popular and high ranking social networking website that allows you to create a page (or “lens”) to focus on a topic that matters to you.

A “lens” is a basically an easy-to-build single web page with a collection of “modules” that include pointing to blogs, websites, links, RSS feeds, Flickr Photos, Google maps, ebay auctions, Amazon books, iTunes songs, and much more besides.

The reason why Squidoo is popular is because of its high ranking nature, and people know that Squidoo can be used to drive traffic coming to their respective web pages. This is because Squidoo is different from form sites that offered Internet marketers solutions for promoting their web pages.

Of course it doesn’t end there – you can also make money from a “lens”. Targeted adverts are supplied for your lens and you can get paid for your article. If you’re feeling generous you can donate any proceedings from your lens to charitable causes too!

Writing articles on your website through a blog can add value to your credibility and help draw traffic to your business, and with tools such as RSS feeds, and social networking sites such as Squidoo mean that your business, credibility and trust can go viral.