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The simpsons movie: Review


“A fun, enjoyable summer movie…”

I had reservations about a Simpsons movie, mainly because I feared it couldn’t match up to the cartoon TV series, also I had worries that the script wouldn’t be as crisp as the early cartoons.

But I can certainly say I did enjoy this movie. It was funny, enjoyable and was a good summer watch. Although the movie was very short and didn’t have as many gags as I’d like it to have, it was still good to see the Simpsons had a lot of ideas and was still as funny as on the small screen.

I remember seeing a late night TV arts programme with a panel of upper class people sitting around talking and reviewing movies, books, arts, etc; but when it came to the Simpsons, they spend something like 10 minutes trying to psycho-analyse The Simpsons… I mean, com’on – it’s a cartoon, not Shakespeare!

All in all, its a fun movie – but go in, switch your brain off, and have a good time.

Overall: 7/10.