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The problem with blogs

The biggest problem with “blogging” is that, unless you have a topic you can really talk about, you end up:

  1. ranting,
  2. talking about everything
  3. writing posts saying how sorry you are you haven’t been posting
  4. writing about nothing.

But the number one question I get is, “Can you really make money out of blogs?” The answer is yes, providing you’ve got good content, that is regularly updated and have lots of traffic to your site.

Of course this doesn’t mean you’ll make a lot of money from blogging, its likely when you start you’ll make a pittance, perhaps $1, $2 — naturally it depends on the type of marketing structure you have, how much traffic you have, etc; ultimately like with anything — you only get out of “blogging” what you put into it.

Some topics could be:

  1. Movies
  2. The upcoming London mayoral election (Political blogs are very popular in America, and I read once that DailyKos makes a few million from their site)
  3. The upcoming general election
  4. Your casual observations of the world (assuming you’re wanting to be a stand-up comic).
  5. Some kind of viral marketing gimmick which leads to another viral marketing gimmick that leads to a product/service (remember all that buzz about the hoverboard which turned out to be a Segway?)
  6. Blogging about blogging
  7. Blogging about virals

I’m sure you can come up with better topics, even if I can’t