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Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe

Charlie Brooker

Currently in its fourth season, BBC 4’s “Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe” is a hilarious and sometimes cynical look at the week’s TV with Brooker’s own form of social commentary TV industries more ludicrous trends.

Of course if you’re already a fan of Charlie Brooker, you don’t need me to tell you about him — but lets say you haven’t watched the show, or you “don’t do youtube”… what is the show all about?

Its sort of like “Harry Hill’s TV Burp“, but with more swearing, and it can be more cerebral. And of course there’s a heavy wift of cynicism at the state of TV which always seems to be fresh and funny, regardless of how frustrated Brooker seems to be with TV.

Of course this isn’t the first time Brooker has been involved in such ventures. He was heavily involved with TVGoHome (now defunct), and writes in the Guardian every now and again and he was involved with “Nathan Barley“, which I never saw — but kinda wish I did.

Screenwipe has also lots of social commentary pieces. My favourite of these has to be “Aspirational TV” as it accurately wraps up the aspirational nature of modern TV shows.

The show has developed its own cult following on Youtube (and other video sites), which is ironic, because I believe the show could easily have been produced by a Youtube fan — assuming of course they could get clearance for that copyrighted stuff (oh wait, this is the Internet, I forgot!)

Anyhow if you’re inclined or just curious then you can catch Screenwipe on Youtube, or if you can stay up late its on BBC4 at a really late timeslot.