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Adding Crossfit to your gym workout

One of the problems or issues with regular gym work is that it can get incredibly boring incredibly easily – even with a programme, you may find yourself limited to the machines, and free weights that are in the gym.

Naturally there are classes you can join too, such as hydrofit, energy cycling, boxerfit, or circuit training.

All of these are great, but what if you find yourself wanting more, but can’t get it from a gym; where do you go?

For many, the answer is “Crossfit”.

Although I’ve not done it myself (due to sports injuries), crossfit is all about random, strength based exercises performed at high intensity.

Although I’m not into high intensity exercises as I much prefer soft intensity such as swimming, cycling as these do not impact on your overall skeleton, I’m finding myself increasingly wanting to vary exercises with different ideas to prevent myself from getting bored and to ensure that muscle groups are being worked on.

But, lets say for the sake of argument you are into high intensity, and don’t have any sports injuries — is Crossfit for you?

Well it could be. Crossfit is very high intensity and reminds me of that training promo for the movie “300”. It incorporates a lot of pakour, martial arts and military style training with an urban element that includes Kettleballs, big tyres, and other random elements.

The random element of Crossfit, in addition to the viral effect of Youtube, has seen the popularity of Crossfit grown from an” underground” concept to a fully-fledged business.

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