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jQuery – A quick intro

Of all the AJAX frameworks out there currently, one that I’m really liking is jQuery.  It does pretty much what every other AJAX type framework out there does, but what I find really good about jQuery is that it tries to seperate JavaScript from your actual HTML.

I did try DOJO (which I think is backed by IBM), but found it too hard to understand. MooTools is very popular, and has a small footprint but I find their documentation lacks any real examples, or code that you can copy-paste or hack apart. MochiKit has a lot of buzz, but I find it does a very similar job to jQuery.

I find jQuery has a lot of examples, and there are already 2 books out there on this framework.

Although I’ve only been able to do small-scale examples of jQuery, I’m hoping to learn how to integrate jQuery with PHP/MySQL and deliver some of those really nice effects that you’ve seen everywhere else.