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Torrent OiNK’s Takedown

Recently an IT consultant, Alan Ellis, 24, from Teeside, was arrested for running torrent-tracker website “OiNK”, and had his website closed down.

Alan was held on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and copyright infringement, and is now on police bail pending investigation, and has spoken out against his arrest, stating that he “has done nothing wrong”, citing that if his crime was to provided links for downloading illegal material, then Google should also be prosecuted for the very same crime.

Law enforcement agencies across the world have stepped up a gear on File-sharing P2P/Torrent websites, chasing down those who have illegally shared music, or breaking RIAA copyright.

However this recent arrest has made a lot of buzz on the social sites, and has raised questions yet again about the legitimacy of the claims of the record industry about the use of P2P/Torrent sites to distribute music.

As demonbaby wrote in his excellent article “When Pigs Fly: A Brief History of Record Industry Suicide“, the major labels have screwed up, and it was their own fault. Or to give him a full quote;

“The major labels, it’s over. It’s f**king over. You’re going to burn to the f**king ground, and we’re all going to dance around the fire. And it’s your own fault. Surely, somewhere deep inside, you had to know this day was coming, right?”

It seems that the battle between those who want their copyright protected, and those who want to freely share music, and files across the Internet continues…