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What every CEO must know about their website

A quick run-down of questions to ask about your current new media marketing strategy;

What is the overall purpose and goal of the website? (ie: sell cars, sell products, get leads)?

How much traffic is the site getting per month, and has this increased/decreased since last month?
Where is the site ranked on specific key phrases (ie: used cars)?
How popular is the website? How many members do you have?
How long do people stay on the site?

What online/offline marketing, advertising or promotion is being done on the site?
How much is spent on PPC per month? How many leads does this generate?
Comparison between PPC and non-PPC marketing – how much traffic/leads are being generated? (IE: Is PPC working?)
What future promotion/marketing efforts are to be done?

How many leads are generated from the site?
How many of these leads are turned to sales?

How much spam does the site get, and what measures have been put in place to reduce this?

Is the website accessible? Does it conform to the latest DDA/Section 508 laws, if not – why not? How much will it cost to fix this? Is a complete site rewrite required?
Does the site have an accessibility statement?
Is the website usable, functional and easy-to-use, navigate and traverse?
It is reliable?
Is the site broken?
Are there any pages broken? (Check the error log)

It the site secure?

How is the site currently backed up (if at all)?

If the site is indeed broken, inaccessible, or is unreliable, you might want to actively think about switching provider, or building your own internal web team to handle all things ‘web’ — especially if the problems are very large.

Ultimately, a website is a marketing tool that can be optimised by your internal team, your current supplier; or by switching provider (think about freelancers too!).