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Niche video content

As reported on Springwise, is one of the many social video websites that helps web publishers bring subject-specific, niche-specific video channels to their own websites.


“Launched in beta version about a year ago, Magnify features a meta-search tool that combs the web for videos matching a site’s specific focus, such as aviation, soccer or college life. Users can also upload their own video content, and the resulting mix is available for sharing, rating and ranking by the community as well as integrating into playlists.

Magnify provides the templates and controls publishers need each step along the way, including site design and customization; video search, uploading, storage, bandwidth and sharing; and advertising, community, statistics and network tools. The service is free to users and its business model is based on shared advertising revenue with the websites that use its service. Magnify has grown from 20 sites to more than 2,000 user-generated video channels since its launch.”