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The cult of being Rick Roll’d

Rick Astley

Being Rick Roll’d was perhaps one of the fads of 2007, the concept is real simple – essentially it’s giving a link to someone that is meant to be something good, but is just in reality a video of Rick Astley singing his hit “Never gonna give you up”.

Even I’ve been Rick Roll’d a few times, and its given me a chuckle, a quick laugh.

Perhaps the best version of being “Rick Roll’d” is the Radiohead fan site that had a counter for an exclusive Raidohead audio/video – but ended up being a clip of Rick Astley (current)

Of course for those in the know, or who can take a joke, its just a quick laugh – but for many it soon turned into a real bug-bare of surfing online, or being on a chat-room/social media site. It even worked its way onto traditional media, with Radio DJs turning song requests into an excuse to play the Rick Astley song.