The guardian recently posted an article on “slamball”, a combination of basketball, hockey, gymnastics and American football where the participants use modified trampolines to score baskets, or “slams”, adding that the new sport is “coming soon”, however the sport has actually been around for well over 2-3 years – it even was on TV in America and in some satellite stations in the UK.

It isn’t shown as much now, but you can still get clips of the “new” sport on Youtube.


Entrepreneurship is not a religion.


“So, what does it really take to become an entrepreneur?”

This is the rhetorical question that a speaker at a business start-up or networking seminar will often ask. Whether it’s lecturing University students, or wannabe millionaires the answers are always the same.

“It takes responsibility, action, dedication, attitude, resilience, ownership, money, time, effort, persistence, drive, determination, lack of doubt…”

And of course all of those things are nice, but the thing is – the thing you need more than anything else is CUSTOMERS and THEIR MONEY.

What good is responsibility, action, dedication, persistence, drive, determination if you don’t have any customers or money? Persistence does not put food on the table. Drive does not get you customers, and responsibility means squat if you can’t keep the roof over your head? Continue reading