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Real estate goes social

Springwise’s latest article on real estate going web 3.0 talks about how various the web 2.0 real estate website “Love that place” is increasingly using social networks (whether third-party or internal) to help users search, discuss, rate, and register their interest in a property; regardless of whether it’s for sale or not.

As Springwise adds,

Property owners begin by creating a page and uploading photos of their place—simply to gather feedback and advice, or to test the market and see what other people think. Members of the site can leave comments or send private messages (forums are coming soon), and admirers of a particular property can even send a virtual “door-knock” to see if the owner would consider selling.

Love That Place is definitely more of a social network than a specific real estate website with features centered around conversation, facilitation and networking and essentially builds a relationship between people, regardless of whether they have something to sell or not.

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