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A tongue in cheek look at Indiana Jones

Tongue in Cheek

Firstly. Yes. I did enjoy “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. In my original article (now lost to editing hell) I was perhaps a bit too harsh about a few elements, but I did think it was a good enjoyable summer movie.

But even saying that, I still hate the CGI, the nuclear fridge (something that has now spawned its own viral), the gophers, the swinging Indy Jones Junior. And it seems looking around the Internet most people tend to agree.

So, I thought I’d list some notable parodies I’ve seen around the Internet. Some of them are fun, some of them are just plain dumb. But if you can take a joke, and have a sense of humor then you’ll enjoy these – otherwise, look away now.

Nuke the fridge

From reading the IMDB forums (yes, I know I really shouldn’t), this one sequence has now spawned into its own viral. To some, “Nuking the fridge” has become a version of the classic “Jumping the Shark” moment, and to others it was a really good scene.

One casual viewer noticed they felt that the “Fridge of Nuclear Doom” marked a new low in American cinema for its disturbingly casual use of nuclear weapons as a narrative device (read article).

However, another poster notes that the nuclear bomb was actually used as transitional effect, one to denote that the A-Bomb is far deadlier to man and far more real than any religious artificat.

The poster argues, “Despite all of its flaws, the shot of Indiana emerging [from] the atom bomb is the single greatest shot of the film, and helped explain so much … They wanted to move away from Religious mysticism and the Nazi’s obsession of it. They wanted to move the franchise into the realm of pulp science fiction.” (link:imdb)

Its an interesting argument, not one I’ve heard before – but I kind of slide with the poster who argues that the nuclear weapon used as a narrative device was pretty lazy and disturbing.

Personally, I thought it was pretty wierd when Indy was in that 50s era building and pretty funny right until the point where the nuclear bomb went off and Indy stepped out without a bruise.

Anyway — onto the “tongue in cheek look at Indiana Jones” …


Son of Indiana Poster
Son of Indiana Jones Fake Poster

nukeable fridge
Indiana Jones and the Lead-Plated Nuclear-Proof Fridge

Remember that famous “Truck stunt” from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”? Well here are some fan-made versions I found.

Lego Indy Truck Stunt
Lego Truck Stunt

Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation – The Truck Stunt

Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation” is simply amazing – and has to be seen to be believed.

The fan-made shot-for-shot remake made by three 12-year-olds (that included Eric Zala and Chris Strompolos) and completed over a period of six years.

Some say that “Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation” is more satisfying than the original Raiders. In a way I’m incline to agree – mainly because there’s so many times you wonder “just how did they do that?”

As a final thought, ever noticed that Harrison Ford always seems to play the same character? Maybe it’s time for a Change of plans?


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